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<head><title>Default values for date/time input (type= date, datetime, datetime-local, month, time, week)</title></head>

<p>Enter Up or Down, or click the spin buttons for each input field.</p>

    <li>Emtpy values, no steps
        <li>date: <input type="date" size="32" value="" />
        <li>datetime: <input type="datetime"  size="32" value="" />
        <li>datetime-local: <input type="datetime-local" size="32" value="" />
        <li>month: <input type="month" size="32" value="" />
        <li>time: <input type="time" size="32" value="" />
        <li>week <input type="week" size="32" value="" />
    <li>Invalid values, no steps
        <li>date: <input type="date" size="32" value="foo" />
        <li>datetime: <input type="datetime"  size="32" value="foo" />
        <li>datetime-local: <input type="datetime-local" size="32" value="foo" />
        <li>month: <input type="month" size="32" value="foo" />
        <li>time: <input type="time" size="32" value="foo" />
        <li>week <input type="week" size="32" value="foo" />
    <li>Emtpy values, invalid steps
        <li>date: <input type="date" size="32" value="" step="foo" />
        <li>datetime: <input type="datetime"  size="32" value="" step="foo" />
        <li>datetime-local: <input type="datetime-local" size="32" value="" step="foo" />
        <li>month: <input type="month" size="32" value="" step="foo" />
        <li>time: <input type="time" size="32" value="" step="foo" />
        <li>week <input type="week" size="32" value="" step="foo" />
    <li>Invalid values, invalid steps
        <li>date: <input type="date" size="32" value="foo" step="foo" />
        <li>datetime: <input type="datetime"  size="32" value="foo" step="foo" />
        <li>datetime-local: <input type="datetime-local" size="32" value="foo" step="foo" />
        <li>month: <input type="month" size="32" value="foo" step="foo" />
        <li>time: <input type="time" size="32" value="foo" step="foo" />
        <li>week <input type="week" size="32" value="foo" step="foo" />
    <li>Emtpy values, step=any
        <li>date: <input type="date" size="32" value="" step="any" />
        <li>datetime: <input type="datetime"  size="32" value="" step="any" />
        <li>datetime-local: <input type="datetime-local" size="32" value="" step="any" />
        <li>month: <input type="month" size="32" value="" step="any" />
        <li>time: <input type="time" size="32" value="" step="any" />
        <li>week <input type="week" size="32" value="" step="any" />
    <li>Invalid values, step=any
        <li>date: <input type="date" size="32" value="foo" step="any" />
        <li>datetime: <input type="datetime"  size="32" value="foo" step="any" />
        <li>datetime-local: <input type="datetime-local" size="32" value="foo" step="any" />
        <li>month: <input type="month" size="32" value="foo" step="any" />
        <li>time: <input type="time" size="32" value="foo" step="any" />
        <li>week <input type="week" size="32" value="foo" step="any" />

<p>The input fields should show the current local/UTC date/time (with + or - a unit date/time described below except for step=any).</p>

<p>Unit dates/times</p>
  <li>date: 1 day (local time)
  <li>datetime: 1 minute (UTC)
  <li>datetime-local: 1 minute (local time)
  <li>month: 1 month (local time)
  <li>time: 1 minute (local time)
  <li>week: 1 week (local time)

<p>As for step=any, the values don't change by stepping-up/-down.<p>