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Elixir Cross Referencer

<!DOCTYPE html>
Open this page through a web server in two views. If necessary request permission to post web notifications: <button onclick="requestPermission()">Request permission</button><br/>
Then post this permission once in each page. <button onclick="postNotification()">Post notification</button><br/>
Click on the notification. Only the second notification should be closed on the second page.
<p id="console">

function requestPermission() {
    if (Notification.permission == "granted") {
        log("Notification already granted");

    log("Requesting permission...");
    Notification.requestPermission(function(permission) {
        if (Notification.permission == "granted") {
            log("Notification granted");
        log("Notification denied");

function postNotification() {
    var n = new Notification("Notification title");
    n.onshow = onShowHandler;
    n.onclick = onClickHandler;
    n.onclose = onCloseHandler;

function log(message) {
    document.getElementById("console").innerHTML += message + "<br/>";

function onShowHandler() {
    log("onshow handler called");

function onClickHandler() {
    log("onclick handler called");

function onCloseHandler() {
    log("onclose handler called");