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<!DOCTYPE html>
    table {
        overflow: hidden;
    function onSelectionChange(select)
        document.getElementById('hiddenRow').style.display = '';
    <div><a href="">95776</a>: REGRESSION(r120832): RenderLayer::clampScrollOffset doesn't properly clamp</div>
    <div>Manual test: click on the menu below and &lt;select&gt; the 'shown' option. Click somewhere on the page so that the &lt;select&gt; loses focus and click again on the &lt;select&gt;.</div>
    <div>To pass the menu should be properly placed below the &lt;select&gt;.</div>
    <form name="teste">
            <th>Test select:</th>
            <select onchange=onSelectionChange(this)>
                <option value="0">hidden</option>
                <option value="1">shown</option>
        <tr id="hiddenRow" style="display: none;">
            <th>Lorem ipsum</th>
            <td>dolor sic amet.</td>